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Addressing mental health concerns among marginalised groups affected by homelessness and poverty through research, education and advocacy



Founded in 2007, The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM) is a mental health and social science research and teaching institution, embedded in the philosophy of bridging the gap between theory and practice, focused on building skilled human resources, impacting service provision, and evolving effective policy directions. BALM emerged from a decade and a half of deep grassroots inquiry into mental health, poverty, scarcity and inequity, vulnerability and marginalisation through services offered at The Banyan, and seeks to overcome the tremendous knowledge and resource gap in the mental health and development sectors.


"An inclusive and humane world that is capabilities, justice and equity promotive"


"Enabling access to health and mental health care for persons living in poverty and homelessness through comprehensive and creative clinical and social methods and innovations embedded in a well-being paradigm, ensuring an enhanced quality of life - The needs of those who live on the margins are our collective responsibility."

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Stakeholder Engagement

With the recent acceptance of the new Mental Health Policy in October 2014, that encourages public-private-partnerships, focuses on the inter-relational nature of mental ill health-homelessness- and poverty, and the need for convergence, the time is ripe for key players within the mental health and social sector to build capacities, and collectively focus on scaling innovations for lasting and more meaningful impact. Towards achieving this goal, The Banyan and BALM will collaborate with Governments, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and User-Caregiver groups to initiate, test, and scale up mental health and social care services for homeless and poor persons in remote, under-serviced, and poorly resourced regions.