Field Work

Office of Fieldwork Practice


The Office of Fieldwork Practice at BALM presents students with opportunities to become a part of the professional community, where they learn to integrate classroom knowledge with practice and develop social work skills and identity. Field instruction provides an opportunity to participate in "hands-on" meaningful service and gain invaluable professional experience.

Students will work closely with Faculty to identify placement sites appropriate to curriculum objectives, learning goals and individual interests. Sudents will spend two full days -16 hours per week - at fieldwork placements across two semesters, gaining a total of over 300 hours of real life experience.

Fieldwork also includes a Rural Camp for 3 – 4 days.

In addition to the various Mental Health Service Centres run by The Banyan, some of the field sites students have access to are:


  • Ashadeep (Assam)
  • Mental hospitals (wherever accessible)
  • The Banyan’s programmes and sites
  • Mental health work initiated by user-survivors (rural and peri urban sites)
  • Tribal mental health programmes (Kotagiri / Aghai)
  • Emmanuel Health Association (EHA) - Uttarakhand
  • Mental Health Action Trust (MHAT), Kerala
  • Basic Health India (Udaipur)
  • Taabar
  • Aajevika Bureau
  • SNEHA, Mumbai
  • Sambandh, Delhi
  • Keystone Institute
  • Centre for Policy Research
  • Sangath, Goa
  • Gudalur Adivasi Hospital
  • Koshish, Mumbai

BALM’s distinctive field work opportunity

BALM offers the unique field work practicum of a specialized ecosystem created by The Banyan, its parent organization. The Banyan’s path breaking work on recovery from mental illness and rehabilitation into family and larger society through humane care and meaningful employment is well recognized across the world. The Banyan’s several urban and rural sites where innovative solutions for the wellbeing and social integration of the mentally ill, poor and homeless persons have been put into practice, are open for observation and study for BALM’s students. This works as a unique live action laboratory to experientially learn and put into practice the knowledge gained through class room interactions. Students will get to interact closely with practitioners and experts in the field of mental health, public policy, human rights & justice.