Student Development Council

BALM Students
The Student Development Council (SDC) takes on the responsibility of representing BALM's student body. The BALM SDC voices the needs, wants and concerns of the student body to the administration. It is also responsible for inculcating the spirit and values of the college by initiating events, competitions, seminars, workshops and other developmental programmes.

The SDC also encourages and supports various student clubs mentioned below. All students are welcome to voluntarily join these clubs. Each club is led by two first and second year representatives who are elected democratically. A student cannot head more than one club. However, students are welcome to be members of multiple clubs as per their interests.

Student Clubs

Students form different Clubs based on the group's interests and conduct interactive sessions from time to time. Each Class of students has the freedom to devise new Clubs provided they continue successfully for the entire tenure of the academic course.


The purpose of the Media Club is to give students the opportunity to creatively use their talents through digital media. The students may use different types of media as per their needs and interests. They may engage in activities such as blogging, contributing to the common newsletter, making documentary on an issue of concern that requires attention, photography, keeping the BALM social media active and alive. Apart from organizing events, the club organizes workshops for documentary making, creative writing and other as per the needs and interest.

Culture Club

The Culture club organizes and promotes extra-curricular activities such as Dance, Theatre and Music among the students. This club aims to promote cultural festivals, participate in inter university competitions and organize events and fests in campus. Organising and / or participating in events is to be approved by the HoD or the Dean. The cultural club will be responsible for preparing and performing dance, plays and music related events during seminars, symposium and other events organized in the college. They are expected to include the residents in the various activities which they do. The club can organize workshops and interactions with professionals in the field. The club is also responsible for organising festivals from various parts of India, representing regional cultures.

Sports Club

For students active in sports and games, the Sports Club arranges events and competitions in and off campus with the support of the Students Development Cell. An Annual Sports Day is organised for students, residents of The Banyan and faculty by the sports club. The Sports club organizes well-being workshops, Yoga/Meditation sessions etc. The indoor games that are available include Carom and Table Tennis. The members can explore and become members and participate activities of other clubs such as "Chennai Adventure Clubs" as well as facilitate others in doing so. Events in the community can be organized with the assistance of the surfing school "Social Serving Point" on the Kovalam beach.