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The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM) is a sister organization of The Banyan, a 26-year-old pro-impact organization that engages in individualized evidence-based problem-solving to meet the complex needs of persons in psychosocial distress in low-resource settings. The Banyan and BALM work together in finding localized attributions to distress, deprivation, exclusion, treatment and care, meaning, independence, family, and human rights. In doing so, and by building a resource hub of knowledge co-created with the population with which it works, both organizations seek to develop care paradigms most suited to alleviate suffering associated with poor mental health.


Mental disorders account for 13% of the global disease burden


75-90% of people with mental illness in low- and medium-income countries are not treated


Only 20% of the 150+ million people in India with mental illness receive care