Open Dialogue Foundation course 2021

Sundram Fasteners Centre for Social Action and Research is pleased to welcome you to our 2021 Open Dialogue Foundation course.

We are fully online with the course now, and with it being delivered by an international team of Trainers we welcome applications from around the world to participate and grow their skills in Open Dialogue. Click HERE for more information.

The OD foundation course will provide participants with the tools to start using the dialogic approach in professional contexts (clinical-educational-social), in complex situations such as in everyday life by improving their relational communication skills. Participants will also improve their skills to manage, facilitate, coordinate and lead teams and groups. As their psychotherapeutic capacity and general professional capacity will be enhanced, strengthened by learning more democratic and humane social and health care practices, the public and private services they work in will also be improved for the benefit of users and their families.

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