A New Partnership with SAJIDA Foundation

BALM (The Banyan Academy of leadership in Mental Health) and SAJIDA Foundation are pleased to announce their partnership, to increase the mental health care integration into primary care and the community.

BALM is delivering a Training of Trainers course for the Diploma course in Community Mental Health Care (as of 1st September 2021) to key professionals at SAJIDA Foundation, utilising the experience and expertise of BALM and The Banyan. This will enable SAJIDA Foundation to deliver this course to community and lay workers in Bangladesh.

SAJIDA Foundation is a value-driven non-government organisation that embodies the principle of corporate philanthropy, with 51% shareholding of Renata Ltd., a leading pharmaceutical company. The organisation which was founded in 1993 aims to deliver meaningful and sustainable change in the lives of people from all strata, through a portfolio comprising of financial products and services, specialised social enterprises, and community centric development programs. SAJIDA’s development programs focuses on community-based health programs leveraging digital solutions, urban poor rehabilitation, WASH, livelihood and skills development, agriculture systems and more. Going forward, SAJIDA will invest to pilot and scale data driven initiatives, structure partnerships with development financial institutions and continue to setup specialised subsidiaries including an independent research institute. SAJIDA has a robust governance structure and values on which it was founded. Inclusiveness and transparency have been consistently recognised by regulators, professional boards and international partners.
Zahida Fizza Kabir, CEO, SAJIDA Foundation, Dr Ashique Selim, Head of SAJIDA Mental Health Program, and Rubina Jahan, AGM, SAJIDA Mental Health Program alongside representatives from BALM joined in an online ceremony to inaugurate the program.

BALM is looking forward to sharing our progress in the course and a long and productive partnership with the SAJIDA foundation.

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