Sundram Fasteners Lecture Series

The first Sundram Fasteners Lecture was held in 2020-21 where we highlighted the interplay between mental health and the culture of indigenous communities in India. This year, in the 2nd edition of the Sundram Fasteners Lecture series, we will explore the complex nexus of #homelessness and mental illness.  

Eminent speakers including health practitioners, academicians, professors and public health professionals will join the panel to throw some light on good practices, solutions, and approaches that are affordable and scalable. 

We will explore strategies to prevent homelessness amongst persons with severe mental health issues. Models that have proven effective in preventing the recurrence of homelessness. How do we scale them, and what are the barriers that prevent them from being integrating them into mainstream policy?We will delve deeper into the housing needs of homeless persons with mental health issues and explore models that have demonstrated success at scale in the Global North and Global South.

Do join us for this two-day lecture series on 14th January @ 7:30 pm and 23rd January @ 8: 30 pm Indian Standard Time (IST).

Use this link to join

You can join on both days using the same link

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