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In this edition: 

  •  Highlights from our December webinar, Movement for Global Mental Health: Notes Across Borders.
  •  Global Mental Health Summit, 2022 
  •  Call for applications, Secretariat for the Movement for Global Mental Health, 2022 

A Note to the Reader

The Movement for Global Mental Health: Newsletters

As part of the Banyan Academy of Leadership and Mental Health’s running of the Movement for Global Mental Health secretariat from 2020-22, we put out newsletters covering work we have done, people we have spoken to in the field, and events and talks that we conduct as part of our efforts to talk about mental health activism world over. We aim to put out a newsletter at least every 3 months. You can subscribe here.

Highlights from the Webinar

Read on for the January 2022 newsletter where we talk about the webinar we held in December 2021, bringing together leaders present and past from the Movement for Global Mental Health; an upcoming mental health summit in Chennai, focussed on peer leadership; and applications for hosting the Secretariat in its next term – starting in 2023.

Call for Applications, Secretariat for the Movement for Global Health, 2022

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