Applied Buddhist Psychology

The aim of this program is to introduce the theory and practice of Buddhist Psychology through the Nalanda tradition of intellectual understanding, contemplation, and action. It is a secular approach which draws from Buddhist philosophies of mindfulness, kindness, and compassion.

Commencing 18 September 2021

Open Dialogue Foundation

This is a world-renowned treatment approach developed in Torino, Finland, 30 years ago. Envisioned as a combination of family therapy and psychotherapy, it is now being used in hospitals, community healthcare settings, schools, offices, and government settings. It has proven effective in reducing hospitalization by up to 90%, and has brought in a democratic, non-directive, support network inclusive philosophy to therapy and notions of ill health. BALM, in collaboration with Dr. Pina Ridente (Retired senior psychiatrist from the University of Trieste, Italy) organized the first basic training program in January 2019 for 11 mental health professionals from The Banyan.

A new course is being prepared for 2021/22