Applied Buddhist Psychology

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Course information

Commencing 18 September 2021

The aim of this program is to introduce the theory and practice of Buddhist Psychology through the Nalanda tradition of intellectual understanding, contemplation, and action. It is a secular approach which draws from Buddhist philosophies of mindfulness, kindness, and compassion.

In Semester I, students will gain an introductory level understanding of the wisdom aspect of Buddhism and its applications for balanced Mental Health. They will also explore a few other Eastern perspectives and connections with psychology and neuroscience.

In Semester II, the emphasis is on Mind training and Action, where students will study the ethical framework of Bodhicitta, Paramitas and Mindfulness; and develop a context for ethics in daily life.

This course in Applied Buddhist Psychology has been designed by the WCCL Foundation (Pune) under the compassionate guidance of Ven. Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche.