Applied Buddhist Psychology

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The aim of this program is to introduce the theory and practice of Buddhist Psychology through the Nalanda tradition of intellectual understanding, contemplation and action.

It is said that “Buddhism is a medicine for mental health and modern science for physical health and comfort” (Geshe Dorji Damdul, 2011). Teachers and scholars of Nalanda Tradition not only strove to understand philosophy and psychology; but they strove to implement their theories in the perfect laboratory – their own mind. A beautiful system of contemplative sciences emerged from their perseverance and hard work. This Country and its other Buddhist neighbours have produced a lineage of enlightened beings, which proves that it is possible to achieve a Mind which reaches its Ultimate Capacity


Students will be able to:

· Gain an introductory level understanding of the wisdom aspect of Buddhism & its applications for balanced mental health
· Understand concepts in the study of Mind from Eastern perspective and a few relevant parallels modern psychology & neuroscience.

Note: The course does not aim to provide a formal pedagogy of western psychology.