BALM is bringing exciting new courses this year for a range of people across industries. If you are interested in Mental Health and can only commit limited time then these courses are for you. Each course has been curated keeping in mind the existing gap in mental health education in our country, and will be delivered by professionals from across the world with decades of experience in the mental health and development sector.

Who are these courses for?

  1. You’re a budding, mid-level or senior professional looking to expand your vistas, and want to help reframe the mental health narrative
  2. You would like close mentorship to build your practice and research capabilities using a transdisciplinary lens 
  3. You want to enroll in further education or pursue a PhD in mental health and social sciences, and aren’t sure where to begin 
  4.  You have always been interested in the mental health sector, wanted to write about it, talk about it, but didn’t know where exactly to go.

What are we offering?

  1. Research Methods in Mental Health – May 2022 
  2. Anthropology and Public Health – June 2022 
  3. History of Psychiatry – October 2022 
  4. Public Mental Health – July 2022 
  5. Indigenous Mental Health – October 2022
  6. Interdisciplinary Mental Health Care – Jan 2023