Public Mental Health


This module will introduce the idea of public health and its various sub-components, namely, Essential Public Health Functions, Social Determinants of Health, and One Health. Public mental health is the application of one or more of these concepts to the field of mental health using a range of conceptual approaches, including “public health methods, biopsychosocial framework, and the life course perspective”.


  • Essential Public Health Services/Functions: This will include an overall discussion of the ten essential public health services under the three broad goals of public health, i.e., assessment, policy development, and assurance (CDC, 2020) and a deeper dive into seven essential public health functions.
  • Social Determinants of Health: This discussion will go one step beyond essential public health functions and focus on the broader social and physical determinants of health .
  • One Health: Here we will discuss the broadest understanding we have of the determinants of well-being and health which extends to include planetary health .

Dr. Nachiket Mor

An eminent economist with experience spanning over 3 decades, Nachiket Mor is a visiting Scientist for the Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health. A PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, he has worked with ICICI bank for 20 years and is also known for his contributions to the ICICI Foundation as its head in 2007. This IIM-A postgraduate always had a proclivity to the social sector and started his career right after his MBA with Pradan wherein he worked with the mushroom farmers. He was appointed as the director of the Central Board of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and headed a committee on comprehensive financial services to small businesses & low-income households in 2013. Nachiket Mor, a veteran economist, has engaged himself in the development sector from the beginning of his career, and continues to care about the economy & health care


All mid-career professionals and students above 18 currently pursuing graduation, postgraduation, PhD or working in Public Health, Mental Health and other NGOs.


A total fee of INR 5000* for 5 weeks and 5 classes

*Scholarship is available on request, upon registration. Details in the infosheet

Important Dates

Last Date for Registration: 17th July

Course begins: 20th July


The course will be conducted on Zoom for 5 weeks starting from 20th July 2022. Zoom link will be shared as and when the participant completes registration and payment

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