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Open Dialogue 2024 Edition

Open Dialogue & Dialogical Practices is a 6 months certificate course (in a hybrid format) aimed at training that brings in a more humanistic approach for treating clients with mental health related issues.

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The 3rd International Conference on Mental Health and Inclusive Development 

Join us on 16th and 17th December 2022 at the Madras School of Social Work, Chennai. The 16th will focus on mental health pedagogy, specifically on transdisciplinary research for underserved populations, an approach that has gained prominence in the development sector over the past four decades. BALM, in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has been engaged with this approach for a decade, and from this year onwards, will also help integrate these methods into mainstream Masters and PhD pedagogies, starting with the Madras School of Social Work. Through this engagement and other research efforts, BALM and VU will launch India’s…

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BALM Prospectus 2022-2023

Time for a new year and new courses! We are refocussing on knowledge and good practice in Mental Health and will be offering short courses to improve understanding and awareness of the challenges faced by mental health services in low-middle income countries. As well as continuing our work to build capacity and skills in the mental health sector to meet the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations. For more information please download our prospectus.

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Our Newsletter is out for 2022 Q1!

We are excited to announce the very first issue of newsletter for BALM Jan-March 2022. Each quarterly newsletter will highlight the events, workshops and courses that BALM has undertaken in the quarter. We will also give out details of up-and-coming events in the next quarter, so you know what to expect and what calendar dates to book for events, training and projects. This year we present a number of short courses which are only going to grow through the year.  The aim of these courses, apart from skill building to bridge the care gap, is to create value frameworks that will…

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Open Dialogue Foundation course 2021

Sundram Fasteners Centre for Social Action and Research is pleased to welcome you to our 2021 Open Dialogue Foundation course. We are fully online with the course now, and with it being delivered by an international team of Trainers we welcome applications from around the world to participate and grow their skills in Open Dialogue.…