Life @ BALM

Career Services

BALM operates an active placement cell that is solely focussed on finding the right match between skill-sets, passions and professional requirements on the field, and is dedicated to supporting students at BALM find professional opportunities including but not limited to, pursuing careers in:

  • Clinical Social Work
  • Management Positions at Not-For-Profits
  • Health Systems, Program, and Policy Research
  • Government Positions – District
    Mental Health Program and in MH
  • Incubating Social Enterprises
  • Psychologists in Medical / Psychiatrists and Development Settings
  • Human rights
  • Private practice
  • CSR


BALM is located in Kovalam, a resort town by the sea, approximately 30 km from Chennai. The location is scenic and away from the din and distraction of the metro. It is easily accessible by bus and taxi services.

BALM is co-located with the ‘Clustered Group Home’ program of The Banyan’s Inclusive Ecosystems vertical, with a vision to create not just an inclusive, dynamic learning environment for students but also one that is therapeutic and stimulates personal recovery for the residents.

Classrooms, the Library, Faculty offices, and the Dean’s office are all located here.


Reasonably priced apartments are available within 5-10 km radius from BALM. Students usually share an apartment amongst themselves. BALM Administration staff can guide students and offer assistance when necessary.

Student Development Council

The Student Development Council (SDC) takes on the responsibility of representing BALM’s student body. The BALM SDC voices the needs, wants, and concerns of the student body to the administration. It is also responsible for inculcating the spirit and values of the college by initiating events, competitions, seminars, workshops, and other developmental programs.

The SDC also encourages and supports various student clubs mentioned below. All students are welcome to voluntarily join these clubs. Each club is led by two first and second-year representatives who are elected democratically. A student cannot head more than one club. However, students are welcome to be members of multiple clubs as per their interests.