The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health

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A New Partnership with SAJIDA Foundation

BALM (The Banyan Academy of leadership in Mental Health) and SAJIDA Foundation are pleased to announce their partnership, to increase the mental health care integration into primary care and the community. BALM is delivering a Training of Trainers course for the Diploma course in Community Mental Health Care (as of 1st September 2021) to key professionals at SAJIDA Foundation, utilising the experience and expertise of BALM and The Banyan. This will enable SAJIDA Foundation to deliver this course to community and lay workers in Bangladesh. SAJIDA Foundation is a value-driven non-government organisation that embodies the principle of corporate philanthropy, with 51%…

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Open Dialogue Foundation course 2021

Sundram Fasteners Centre for Social Action and Research is pleased to welcome you to our 2021 Open Dialogue Foundation course. We are fully online with the course now, and with it being delivered by an international team of Trainers we welcome applications from around the world to participate and grow their skills in Open Dialogue. Click HERE for more information. The OD foundation course will provide participants with the tools to start using the dialogic approach in professional contexts (clinical-educational-social), in complex situations such as in everyday life by improving their relational communication skills. Participants will also improve their skills…

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2nd August 2021 – Webinar Open Dialogue: Approaches and application

Last week we had an interesting and open discourse on learning Open Dialogue approaches and how it has been applied by social workers and therapists. An overview of Open Dialogue was kindly provided by our 3 guest Open Dialogue Trainers, Dr Pina Ridente,Nobuhiko Asai (Noble) and Riitta Teittinen (Riitta). Our colleagues from the sister organisation The Banyan provided insight into the challenges they have faced, and the learnings that have impacted their practices. For those who may have missed it, we live streamed and recorded it on YouTube.

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