The Sundram Fasteners School of Social Work and Social Policy

The Sundram Fasteners School of Social Work and Social Policy

With steadily growing interest in our constructivist social work practice that is concerned with building and enhancing human potential and ensuring development for all, and therefore involves engagement with individuals and communities, particularly those disadvantaged and underserved. A few notable goals include influencing public policy to ensure equitable living opportunities, social development, and the ability to pursue capabilities. The Sundram Fasteners School for Social Work and Social Policy aims to actualize this vision by developing education approaches located in the real world. This pedagogy is delivered by experienced academics,  practitioners, and social scientists with clinical praxis, community development, and advocacy. In conjunction with essential classroom learning, the school offers myriad immersive experiences to address everyday concerns and challenges of local communities that inspire students to work with solution-oriented strategies and create support networks with and within groups to edge out of status quo and promote visible social action. Students are trained and motivated to think out of the box and make deep inquiries into enmeshed issues of living in poverty and having to tackle structural barriers and find relevant remediation via practicum, evidence-based research, and adoption of culturally appropriate approaches to mitigate distress. The future sees the emergence of a leadership incubation center for students and local youth that would address and steer ongoing challenges that impact social health and mental health. There are several exciting possibilities to develop and implement new national standards for clinical social work in mental health with unparalleled ethical compliances imbued invariably with values that respect plurality and promote social justice.

Dr. Nalini Rao

Courses offered

Masters in Social Work

Diploma in Community Mental Health 

Diploma in Working with Vulnerable Children

Certificate course in Open Dialogue