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CTSI – Call for volunteers!

Since May 2021, The CTSI has been actively engaged in the training of young volunteers from psychology and social work backgrounds in grief and trauma related work as part of their ongoing GoTN initiative – Grief and bereavement counselling helpline in partnership with the National Health Mission, Government of Tamil Nadu and…

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Training in trauma counselling for BALM students 

On 21st September 2021, Ms. Varsha Vinod, CTSI Co-Lead, conducted training for second year students at the Banyan Academy in mental health and trauma-informed counselling. This was a part of their paper in approaches to psychotherapy and counselling. The training included concepts and understandings of trauma, theoretical frameworks, counselling skills and therapeutic approaches. This…

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Community Mental Health with SAJIDA Foundation, Bangladesh 

The Banyan Academy conducted an international training program for trainers in community mental health care for an NGO called SIJDA Foundation in Bangladesh. On 20th September, Ms. Varsha Vinod and Ms. Namrata Rao, Our Centre Co-Leads, trained the course participants in trauma-informed approaches. The training included concepts of trauma, theoretical framework, trauma-informed counseling skills…

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A New Partnership with SAJIDA Foundation

BALM (The Banyan Academy of leadership in Mental Health) and SAJIDA Foundation are pleased to announce their partnership, to increase the mental health care integration into primary care and the community. BALM is delivering a Training of Trainers course for the Diploma course in Community Mental Health Care (as of…

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Open Dialogue Foundation course 2021

Sundram Fasteners Centre for Social Action and Research is pleased to welcome you to our 2021 Open Dialogue Foundation course. We are fully online with the course now, and with it being delivered by an international team of Trainers we welcome applications from around the world to participate and grow…

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